From our first struggle for life to our final breath, we participate in this world and strive to leave our mark. Our lives unfold—each experience is totally ours, and we become who we are because of the accumulation of these moments in time.

People often come to FlahertyColvin at a crossroads, during personal and crucial times in their lives. We touch these lives and share moments of joy, anguish, doubt, and success. For more than 41 years, FlahertyColvin has helped people make critical decisions for their unique circumstances. We become the trusted partner, helping each client steer around the obstacles to reach the destination of their personal vision.

We provide a unique service, lifetime financial management, which means balancing the demands and desires of today with the needs, expectations, and dreams of tomorrow. Our goal is to help our clients allocate limited resources among unlimited choices, while mastering the art of living well.