Lia Casino, CRC®

Lia Casino, CRC®

Registered Service Representative

In 2014, Lia learned about an opportunity to work the summer at FlahertyColvin. “I thought it would be a good fit for me. I’m very analytical, detail oriented, and I really enjoy using my organizational skills to bring order and clarity,” said Lia. She joined FlahertyColvin as a receptionist that summer and quickly impressed everyone with her ability to handle a large variety of duties throughout the office. After seeing her dedication to providing both our clients and team with quality service and a high work ethic, she was invited to stay on with the team permanently.

Lia became a Registered Service Representative in 2015 when she earned her FINRA Series 6 securities registration. She’s currently studying for the Certified Retirement Counselor®certification, eager to take a more active role with the team. “So many of our clients look to us to help guide them to, and through, their retirement. I want to continue to learn and build a solid foundation of retirement planning knowledge and skills so I can better serve our clients.”

Her passion for organization, planning, and coordination has been essential to the efficiency of the office. Lia is the first contact clients have when reaching out to the team, making her friendliness and professionalism invaluable to a good customer experience. Her typical duties are: addressing client questions, running both regular and specialized reports, troubleshooting IT issues, assisting with designing and ordering marketing materials, and providing general problem-solving skills. She also serves on the investment committee.

Lia has been a lifelong resident of Westerville and takes great pride in the area. She’s always worked in Westerville and aspires to become more involved in serving its residents. “I have loved living here and I’d like to play a role in helping our community retain all of the aspects I love about living here.” She is a former member of the Westerville Library Foundation. She’s even expressed an interest in following in Stew Flaherty’s footsteps, who has served as Westerville’s mayor and on its City Council.

Lia's hobbies include practicing the ukulele, painting, watching movies, reading, and playing video games.