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    FlahertyColvin is a boutique independent advisory firm that has offered lifestyle financial consulting for over 50 years. We're skilled problem solvers committed to helping you make sound, realistic financial decisions. We work with you to create a plan that's based on your lifestyle and goals.


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    The core of any financial plan is the investment portfolio. We gather unbiased research from top-ranked independent sources and put leading candidates for portfolio inclusion through a series of detailed screening processes, including fiduciary screening. Then we apply both tactical and strategic allocation methods. Our final step is to blend the suggested portfolio with your lifestyle and defined goals. Once implemented, we continue to monitor your accounts and make adjustments as required by market shifts and your life changes.


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    Reaching your goals requires innovative thinking. We describe our service as lifestyle financial consulting. People often come to us when they're at a crossroads, during personal and crucial times in their lives. We share moments of joy, anguish, doubt, and success. We’ll help you balance the demands and desires of today with the needs, expectations, and aspirations of tomorrow. Then we’ll help you adjust your plan when "life happens."

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    In these comprehensive but easily understood books, Stew explains that regardless of how carefully you plan your future, it is a certainty that it won't unfold exactly as you expected. That is why he advocates planning not only for what you hope to attain but also for what you don't anticipate. His firm's trademark Lifestyle Financial Management process helps clients identify and commit to the fundamental principles that enable sound financial decisions. The key is to find a livable balance between enjoying the moment and saving for the future. It can be challenging but Stew offers a step-by-step process for both living today and protecting tomorrow. Actual client studies demonstrate how that process has worked over the last 50 years, including through the disruptions of the COVID pandemic. Stew Flaherty is the founder and CEO of FlahertyColvin, an independent financial consulting firm serving clients nationwide from its base in Westerville, Ohio. His career as a financial advisor is founded on reality-tested core principles that facilitate a sensible, sustainable approach to successfully managing money.



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